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Term Life is "Lifestyle Insurance" for your loved ones?

Protect your Income. Employer-based term life is nice until it goes away when you leave your job. Get your own policy with our No Medical Exam Instant Decision 10 min app.

Hi! I’m Dennis Harabin

I would love to learn how I can earn the role of your trusted financial partner! If you are just seeking an immediate no medical exam term insurance quote, you can use the form above. You will get an immediate no medical exam term insurance quote and in most cases, your app can be immediately approved.

Yet I would recommend looking deeper at your complete financial picture first. I am a CPA who specializes in assuring that people retain more of what they earn so that they can pursue their passions. My approach isn't special or secret, it simply relies on proven mathematical models that insures my client's Tax, Insurance, and Debt strategies are working for them and not against them.

Unfortunately, in my 30 years of experience, I have found that too many people are encouraged to address these three synergistic areas in a vacuum. This frequently results in no long-term strategy or conflicting strategies that can have a negative financial outcome. Thus I encourage every potential client to accept a holistic comprehensive evaluation as a standard part of our client interview process. This approach helps you to have additional information to understand the long-term impact while assuring your specific immediate short-term needs are meet.


"Tim was a life-saver! I was wanting to get into my first home and just had no idea where to start and was completely overwhelmed and she made the home buying process so easy!!"

• Jane Smith | Tampa, FL

Insurance is only one part of a Financial Plan!

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